Homestays are a great way to experience the culture and life of the people in Cambodia first hand. 


You will be hosted by a Cambodian family in their home and will be able to experience the daily life of the locals. 

Not only will you be able to enjoy the local cuisine, but you will also get to experience Cambodian culture first hand. 

A homestay is a unique experience that allows you to dive deeper into the culture and life of the people of Cambodia.


This homestay is a very special place and it  means a lot to me personally.


The rooms are clean, tidy and simply furnished, but offer everything you need for a pleasant stay. 


 It is not available on booking portals, but If you would like to stay in this wonderful place, please contact me via mailcall me or send me a message on Facebook. 

In traditional houses on stilts over water, the drain is an important aspect of private hygiene. When using a shower, the water must be drained to prevent it from damaging the house or affecting hygiene.

In the past, the water was drained through these holes in the ground.

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