Art News in Battambang and Cambodia

News about art in Cambodia and Battambang are very interesting at the moment. Cambodia has a rich cultural history that is expressed through its artworks and architecture. Khmer culture has a long tradition of producing sculptures, paintings and other works of art.

Battambang is a city in Cambodia known for its art scene. The city has many art galleries, museums and handicraft shops that display the works of local artists. The art scene in Battambang is an important part of the city's cultural identity.

Art in Cambodia and Battambang is not only a form of cultural identity, but also an important economic factor. The art scene attracts tourists and investment and creates jobs for local artists and craftspeople.

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Streetart Festival Battambang

Street art Battambang is an emerging phenomenon in Cambodia. It is an art form found on the streets of the city, created by talented artists. These artists use the city as their canvas and create stunning murals that beautify the streets of Battambang. Phare, an NGO dedicated to promoting art and culture in Cambodia, is a proud sponsor of the Street Art Festival in Battambang. The festival attracts artists from all over the world and allows them to showcase their talents and collaborate with local artists. The mural artists in Battambang are real pioneers in the street art scene in Cambodia. They bring colour and life to the city and create a unique artwork that reflects the culture and history of the city. With their murals, they tell stories and create awareness for the importance of art and culture in society. The Street Art Festival in Battambang is a great opportunity to see the talented artists and admire their work. It is a celebration of art and culture in Cambodia and a testament to the growing importance of the street art scene in the region.
12.-17. June 2023

Why is art important in the world

Art plays an important role in our world as it allows us to express and share our thoughts and emotions. In the street art scene in Cambodia, art is an important means of expression for people to represent their history and culture. Street art is a medium that reaches out to people on the street and thus appeals to a wider audience. It is a way to draw attention to social and political issues and to stimulate discussion. Art can also help to raise awareness about the environment and the protection of nature. Overall, art is an important part of our society and contributes to making our world a better place.
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Street-Art Tour Battambang

My first guided tour with guests in Battambang was an exciting experience. I was a little nervous as it was my first time as a guide, but I was also very excited to share my city and its culture with others. We started our tour in the morning. I explained the history of the city to the guests and showed them some of the beautiful  architecture. Next we walked along to see some of the famous street art spots and some abonded places. The guests were amazed by the sight and I explained to them why art is so important to the khmer people. We also visited the local market and tried some traditional Cambodian dishes. The guests were delighted by the exotic flavours and I explained the ingredients and how to prepare them. The tour ended with a visit an an artist place. The guests had a lot of fun and I was glad that I could give them an unforgettable experience. Overall, my first guided tour was a great success and I am grateful for the opportunity to share my city and its culture with others.

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